ICEPT, an institute of Iqra University, not only offers trainings but provides pathway to a practical future. What makes us different from other training institutions is our aim to equip students with practical talent through which they can immediately start their own businesses. Our aim is to produce entrepreneurs rather than employees. We offer short courses for the fields of Computer Science, Engineering, Networking, IT, Fashion Design and Media Sciences.

Salient Features

  1. First class is absolutely FREE.
  2. NO Registration Fee.
  3. You have to pay fee only if you are satisfied with the instructor, contents and the environment.
  4. Certificate of participation awarded at completion of all courses.
  5. State of the art and air-conditioned labs.
  6. Labs also available outside course timings for self-practice.


We offer group discounts for a group of 3 or more at the time of registration.