Photography Course

All of us take pictures here and there, many of us own our own DSLR camera, but do you really know the different perspectives, angles and kinds of photography? Whether you want to improve your own personal photography skills or want to become a professional photographer, our Photography course is rightly designed for you.


There is no previous knowledge required for this course.

Course Contents

  1. Fundamentals of Photography
  2. Type of Cameras, Lenses and Filters
  3. Image Capture & Exposure
  4. Work Flow & Image Editing
  5. Neutral, Available and Artificial Light
  6. Basic & Studio Portrait
  7. Landscape Photography
  8. Environmental Photography


Date: 17th October 2016 to 11th November 2016
Timing: 3 PM to 6 PM (Mon, Wed & Fri)
Fee: Rs. 6,000/-


Address: ICEPT, Plot 5, Khayaban-e-Johar, Sector H-9, Islamabad
Phone: 0331-44-42378(ICEPT)

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